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Tips for safe driving in windy weather:

Plan your journey - is there a route you can take that avoids trees which may fall, bridges or exposed stretches of road.

Be extra alert to the road in front of you, be prepared to stop suddenly if you come across debris blown onto the road.

Sudden gusts can catch out even the most experienced driver. Make sure you have your hands in the correct position on the steering wheel ie: if you imagine it as a clock place one hand on nine and one hand on three, this way you have the most control of the wheel especially when you are in exposed areas.

Trucks are most affected by windy weather, so be aware that strong wind could blow them into your path, especially in areas where you can feel your own vehicle being dragged by the wind. keep well back from them and take extra caution when overtaking

Slowing down to a speed below what you would usually drive at gives you more control and stability

Be extra vigilant passing pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes they can very easily be blown into your path, especially children.

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