Pre NCT Testing

THE NCT’S PRIMARY AIM IS TO IMPROVE ROAD SAFETY. The safety of vehicles has never been more in question as it is today.

By bringing your vehicle in for its NCT a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of your vehicle on the day of the test is provided.

The NCT tests the roadworthiness of motor vehicles and identifies any defects, such as faulty brakes, suspension and rusty bodywork.

These defects must be repaired and the car must pass a re-test before the car owner will be issued with an NCT Certificate.

Harmful gases emitted from vehicle exhausts are a primary source of environmental pollution and have a negative effect on the environment and public health.

A properly regulated car will be more reliable, run more efficiently and should use less fuel. NCT has a dedicated network of 47 test centre’s throughout the country.

We at Nolan Motors would like to ensure that your car passes the NCT at the first examination keeping you safely on the road.




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