Manufacturers recommend that you service your car's air-con every two years.  Left unchecked could mean:


  • Uncomfortable driving in hot temperatures.

  • Take longer to demist the windows in winter.

  • Musty smells from the build-up of bacteria in your car air vents.

Avoid pipes cracking and parts seizing up if Air Conditioning isn't serviced.

Most vehicles are fitted with air-conditioning or climate control systems as standard.

These systems should be used on both hot and cold days in order to cool, heat and dry the air. You should always be aware that parts of your air conditioning system need regular attention to make sure it is performing efficiently, properly and healthily for the car’s occupants. Car manufacturer’s for this reason recommend that if your car is more than two years old it will require a recharge of the gases. The system will also need servicing and cleaning.

90% of all new cars have air conditioning. Make sure you have it serviced regularly. Otherwise, it could break down, consume more fuel or lead to uncomfortable smells in the car.

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  • System ReCharge

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