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What to Look for in a Quality Car Repair Service?

A car service that not only ensures great quality work every time you pay a visit but, at the same time, technicians that you can trust to take extra care of your vehicle.

For most people, their vehicle is an extension of their family or of who they are, so the people who handle it must be equipped with top-notch expertise and be passionate about what they do.

At Nolan Motors Balbriggan we deliver a quality car repair service.

We want our auto repair service centre in Balbriggan, Co Dublin to be a one-stop-shop for everything that you need for your vehicle. Some of the most common services offered in centres like ours are:

Oil change – Your car requires an oil change every few thousands miles, so make sure to do it regularly to stretch the lifespan of your vehicle

Alignment – It’s not uncommon for your car to get misaligned. If left unattended, these problems can cause damage

Tyre rotation and services – It won’t take long for your tyres to wear out. Different tyre services are important and your chosen garage should have them

Brake service – Another routine service done by mechanics and auto repair centres and is very important. You should always get your brakes checked for obvious safety reasons

These services are must-haves for your auto repair centre. We have other services such as digital service record and manufacture schedules, manufacture warranty-approved service, and suspension replacement and maintenance.

Value for money

Some auto-repair centres offer package deals or special offers. Don’t get blown away by initial quotations. Instead think of long term savings. Remember, you probably won’t only be dealing with this shop once or twice, but most likely for a long time.

So, now do you know what to look for in a quality car repair service centre? We hope so! A trustworthy family business like ours is built with trustworthy people and who better to put the welfare of your beloved car than to the hands of other individuals and organisations.


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