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Car Air Conditioning Service: All You Need to Know

Look after your car's air conditioning system

Car air-conditioning is a feature we've come to expect in most new cars on the market. However, you may not realise that air-conditioning requires regular maintenance just like the rest of the vehicle.

How does air-conditioning work?

Your car's air-conditioning system is comprised of five integral parts:

  • Refrigerant (the gas)

  • Compressor (which contains the refrigerant)

  • Condenser

  • Receiver

  • Thermal expansion valve

  • Evaporation coils

When the air-conditioning system is activated, the refrigerant (gas) travels to the condenser. Fresh air from the atmosphere passes over the condenser, which causes the gas to drop in temperature and become a liquid.

That liquid passes through a receiver, which removes impurities, before reaching a thermal expansion valve. The valve allows you to control the temperature by adjusting the flow of the liquid. The liquid is then turned into a vapour as it passes through the evaporation coils, which subsequently gets blown into the cabin as cool air. The refrigerant has become a gas again by this point, and returns to the compressor ready for the process to start all over again.

How often does my car's air-conditioning need re-gassing?

The general rule of thumb is that your vehicle's air-conditioning needs re-gassing every two years. The reason for this is because it's estimated that your car permeates between 10 - 15% of gas from the system every year; and that's before you've even used it!

An air-con service also presents a good time to get the system de-bugged, which essentially decontaminates the whole system. This is recommended because aspects of the air-conditioning system are a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn leads to bad odours.

Note: Ignoring a bacteria build up in your air-conditioning system can potentially have an adverse affect on allergies.

How much does it cost to re-gas my car's air-conditioning?

Maintaining your vehicle's air-conditioning system is actually very reasonable:

R134a gas from €113inc vat R134yf gas from €190inc vat We also recommend replacing your pollen filter starting from €40 supplied and fitted

Unsure what gas is for your car? Get in touch now to find which refill is for you 01 6911281


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