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Getting Ready for your Road Trip!

A bit of preparation goes a long way before a long drive and a quick car check could prevent the nuisance of a breakdown and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your weekend.

  1. Fill up the tank the day before you go, you don't want to waste your precious time waiting in line at the petrol station when its busiest at the weekend

  2. Check if you need to top up your oil

  3. Check the water, coolant / anti-freeze levels.

  4. Fill up the car's windscreen reservoir

  5. Check the pressure in the tyres to make sure that they are adequately inflated

  6. Check the lights: ensure that all your vehicle lights are working correctly and are clear of debris and dust

  7. Check your breakdown cover. Have the emergency number saved in your phone.

  8. Plan your journey, sometimes taking the scenic route and avoiding notoriously congested motorways can be the quicker option.

  9. Get the boot in order: clear out your boot of all unnecessary weight that will waste fuel. Make sure your emergency/first aid kit is stocked up and your spare tyre is good to go in case of a flat.

  10. Organise a playlist of your favourite driving tunes and hit the road!!

If you need a car service, whether for a road trip or if your vehicle just needs some attention we are always happy to help at Nolan Motors.

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