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Tips to help you pass your driving test

The lessons are done, you know the rules of the road and you’ve practised as much as you could and still the nerves hit on the day of your driving test, its only normal, everyone is the same. The main thing to remember is to stay calm and follow these tips to have a better chance of passing your test.

Before the test, double-check everything is in order, wipers lights etc and of course your paperwork.

Arrive to the test centre early. You don’t want to add to the stress by rushing to make your appointment.

As soon as the test starts have a calm and confident demeanour, what you have learnt in your lessons will see you through.

Be extra vigilant and always anticipate the actions of others on the road.

Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road is important. Remember the two-second rule!

Observe, observe, observe! Road traffic signs, traffic lights, road markings and pedestrians.

Slow progress at junctions, roundabouts and on straight roads, take your time.

Slow down if roads are wet and conditions are poor.

If you make a mistake, let it go, fretting about it will distract you and cause you to make further mistakes.

Good luck, and if you don’t pass, it’s not the end of the world, you can get more practice and try again!

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