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Driving in Stormy Conditions

It's important to always heed a government warning when they say to not take unnecessary journeys but even when it's just a yellow alert you should be extra vigilant driving in wet & windy conditions, here are some tips to keep in mind... * If you have to travel in bad conditions, try to take a route that isn't fringed with tall or old trees. Plan your journey in advance. * Drive slowly and carefully, stay alert and watch out for other road users. High gusts could potentially knock pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes into your path. * Drive well behind any vehicles ahead. It takes noticeably longer to brake safely on a wet, leaf-strewn road. * Keep a safety kit in your boot including a torch, warning triangle, a blanket, some snacks and soft drinks in case you get blocked off by a fallen tree, make sure your mobile phone is fully charged in case of emergency. Even if you don't need them you may be in a position to help another person out that gets in trouble * Make sure your lights and tyres are up to scratch and you have plenty of fuel in the tank * If you come across spot flooding be extremely careful. If you feel you have no alternative, stop the car and get out to physically check the depth of flooding - a stick or small branch will give you an indication. If there is anything of a current where a river has burst its banks do not under any circumstances proceed. You could be swept away. If the water is of a safe, consistently shallow depth, drive slowly and steadily through it. Do not try to speed across.

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