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Summer Driving Tips

The summer has finally arrived and getting out on the road for some fun in the sun can have its own set of challenges, high temperatures cause hot & stuffy cars and the increase in temperature can put extra demands on your car so read these summer tips for stress free motoring this summer.


If your tyres are already damaged or they’re at the wrong pressure, the higher temperatures of the road will increase the risk of a blowout. Ensure you check tyres regularly – for condition and pressures – and increase pressures to suit extra loads you might have in the boot or roof going on holiday.


Driving in high temperatures can aggravate the cooling system and cause problems. It’s important to check the coolant and cooling system regularly to avoid overheating.


Dazzle from the sun causes lots of accidents on the roads but you can reduce the effect by keeping your windscreen clean, and by replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers. Avoid sunglasses that darken in strong sunlight.

Driver Fatigue

Summertime may involve longer periods behind the wheel than you are used to and even if you are not particularly tired the combination of the heat from the sun and the winding road ahead can make you feel sleepy. If you feel tired, pull in somewhere safe, not the hard shoulder, and take a short nap (up to 15 minutes) or drink two cups of strong coffee. You’re better off taking several short (at least 20 minutes) stops than one long one

Loose chippings

Roads repaired with tar and loose chippings are a common sight in the summer but they can cause cracked headlamps and windscreens, and damage paintwork if you’re not careful. Stick to any temporary speed limit that’s been put in place and keep your distance from the car in front.


The driver of that slow-moving tractor in front of you may have a soundproofed cab or could be wearing ear protectors, so may not be able to hear approaching cars. Ensure you keep plenty of distance behind a tractor. Before overtaking, make sure you have plenty of room to get past.

So if you have a long drive ahead of you at any stage this summer pop into Nolan Motors for a service before you go to make sure you’re ready to hit the road!

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