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Why it’s important to pay attention to minor faults in your car.

Minor faults in your car tend to sometimes get put on the long finger but avoiding getting them fixed could potentially cost you in the long run.

As the old saying goes “a stitch in time saves 9” and simple faults with your car can deteriorate and end up costing a lot more than if you dealt with the problem at first and worse still driving around with faults could get you penalty points or fines. 3 of the more common problems that motorists tend to put off are:


Worn car tyres have the potential to be very costly if they are left to get worse. If a tyre’s tread depth falls below the legal limit, it can be extremely dangerous, putting you, as well as other drivers, at risk. Driving with illegal or bald tyres could invalidate your insurance and you could also receive penalty points on your licence.


A small chip in your windscreen could soon turn into a big crack. If the crack is severe enough to obscure your view when driving then it could result in penalty points as it is an offence to not have a good view through your windscreen. Defective windscreen wipers can also result in penalty points, and with new wiper blades not costing the earth it’s a no brainer to fix this common issue.


Driving a car with a faulty light is a stand-alone offence, attracting one point or three upon conviction in court. If you have broken headlights and drive in a low-lit area without getting them fixed, you could be putting yourself at serious risk. Refitting a headlight bulb is quick and not too expensive so if needed get done ASAP.

We are happy to help with any repairs here at Nolan Motors no matter how minor they are!

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