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Driving during “The Big Thaw”

We all know the hazards of driving in snowy conditions especially after the last few days of being bombarded with weather updates on the news but drivers also need to be aware of the dangers of melting snow on the roads.

Melting snow or Slush as its known can create serious problems when you're driving, and it's very different from driving in ice and snow.

Some things to be aware of as we all take to the roads again are…

While driving on snow and ice usually means proceeding carefully so your tires don't slip, slush is grabby and can suddenly slow your car down. Slush can also grab at your tires and make lane changing a difficult manoeuvre.

Remember even when the weather red alert is lifted you will still need to drive extra slowly in and around slush, and don't panic if you lose control of the car; stay calm and regain control by lifting off the accelerator or gently applying your brakes.

The roads are more than likely going to be in worse condition after the freezing weather. Potholes are an irritating inconvenience that can damage your car's suspension and throw off its alignment. Unfortunately, you may hit plenty more of them when things start to thaw out so keep an eye out for them and try avoid them if possible.

There will be a lot of water on the roads which can make them slippery, try to avoid large puddles - you never know if one of them is covering a huge pothole that's lurking beneath the surface.

Slush along with dirt, grease, salt and chemicals from the roads can also accumulate on the bottom of your car and cause corrosion. So make sure you're keeping your car properly clean during these conditions.

If you have any questions about winter care of your car speak to one of our experts at Nolan Motors!

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