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Knowing Your Car's Lighting

Terminology around the lighting in your car can be confusing and the terms your mechanic uses can be unfamiliar to most so here are the basics you need to know when it comes to lights:

– Alignment:

Headlight alignment refers to the way that your lights are aimed at the road

– Auto Levelling/Load adjustment:

Internal motors that control the aim/alignment of your headlights

– Bezel:

The inner part of a headlight or tail light. Manufacturers often change the colour of the bezel between black, grey or silver to differentiate between models in a range. For example GTI versions and base spec versions.

– Bi-Xenon:

Headlights where the low and high beam bulbs are HID’s.Date Limitation: Refers to products that only fit vehicles within the specified date range.

– DRL:

Day-time Running light. Extremely common on modern cars, these are the always-on lights, often incorporated into the vehicle’s headlights.

– ECE & SAE:

European and U.S regulation markings found on lights

– Halogen:

Halogen bulbs are the most commonly found ‘standard’ type of bulb used for the last 50+ years

– HID:

Sometimes referred to as Xenon lights, HID’s contain a mixture of gases and that are heated to generate a light 2-3 times brighter than halogen

– LED:

Energy efficient and long-lasting bulb technology, frequently used on modern cars.

– LED Matrix:

Intelligent lighting which allows drivers to leave the high beams permanently on as they have the capability to detect other vehicles and pedestrians and divert light away so that they don’t blind other road users.

– Nearside:

The side of your car nearest to the curb when you are driving

– Offside:

The side of your car furthest from the curb when you are driving

– Projector Headlights:

Projects the light forward rather than reflecting it.

– Reflector Headlights:

Reflect light from the bulb, off an internal reflector

Hope that shines a light on understanding the lighting components of your car, remember to call into Nolan Motors if you have any issues or queries regarding your car lights.

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