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5 Things You Should Know About Car Recalls

With close to 154,000 cars recalled in Ireland in 2015, there is a fair chance that one day you may be in that situation, below are the answers to some questions frequently asked when this issue arises:

Why are cars sometimes recalled?

Recalls are part of an on-going quality-monitoring processes related to all aspects of production, drive-ability and long-term reliability. In Ireland and across the EU, car companies are obliged under vehicle type approval legislation to instigate recalls directly rather than relying on any external body to order them.

If my car is part of a recall what should I do?

Once a recall has been announced the car maker gets a list of the chassis numbers of cars that were supplied to the Irish market. Owners are then contacted using the National Vehicle Register maintained by the Department of Transport.

Will it cost me?

Any work done will be free of charge as the cost of repair or adjustment must be borne by the manufacturer and is never charged to the customer; this a legal requirement for all vehicles sold in Europe.

Can I drive the car in the meantime?

Most are for minor issues and in the majority of cases are precautionary and do not mean there is any imminent danger. Therefore unless told otherwise there is no reason why you cannot drive your car.

Will it affect the resale value of my car?

Historically recalls do not affect resale values. It is important, however, that you do not ignore a recall notice. Apart from the safety concerns, not getting the work completed may have an impact on the value of the car when you go to sell it.

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