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Back to School Time

The summer is coming to an end and unfortunately the quiet morning traffic will soon be a distant memory! It's really important at this time of year for drivers to be particularly vigilant as the kids return to school. Here's our guide to staying safe.

Slow Down

The most important driving factor when near any school is to slow down. Stick to the speed limits,

If someone is hit by a car at 40 mph they are 90% likely to be killed.

If someone is hit by a car at 30 mph they are 50% likely to be killed.

If someone is hit by a car at 20 mph they are 10% likely to be killed.

Just dropping our speed by 10km could literally be the difference between life and death if an accident occurred.

Be Aware

Most kids don’t have great road sense and are easily distracted. Drivers need to be aware and presume any child on a pavement could step or run out at any time, move your car over and away from the pavement as far as safely possible. This gives you more time to react and stop if a child does something unexpected.

Heed the Signs

Keep your eyes open for school signs as an early warning there may be kids around or signs to notify change of speed limit.

School Buses

School buses can be frustrating when you are trying to commute in the morning. Be careful and manoeuvre your car safely around them and keep a close eye out for any kids who may walk or run out from behind the bus. Always obey the instructions of lollipop ladies and men as they are there to help children cross the road safely.

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