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Signs Your Clutch Needs a Replacement

There’s no clear guidelines for clutch replacement. To know when your clutch is worn out or failing, you need to learn the key signs. The wear and tear on your clutch and how quickly it happens is dependent entirely on your personal driving style and environment. See below some helpful signs and tips to help you determine if your clutch is in need of a replacement.

  • Your Clutch Feels Soft or Spongey this is an early sign of a failing clutch.

  • You Have Trouble changing gear, If your car does not engage smoothly and shakes while you are changing gear.

If any of these signs are a match with your car, you will need to get your clutch replaced. Clutch replacement is an involved job, requiring the removal of your transmission in order to access your clutch. Make an appointment with Nolan Motors, Balbriggan to have your clutch replaced as soon as possible.

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